From Dubai to Europe for only 1,200 US$ All In!

Never thought it's promising when I started planning this trip. As it turned out, budget travel to Europe from Dubai is totally doable. You DON'T need a travel agent at all.  Here's how...

Selected Prague, Czech Republic as the first gateway of this trip. Return flights costs starting from only 326 US$ from Dubai and doesn't go beyond 350 US$ if you book in advance. These are budget airlines and yes they are safe.

There are several ways to book a budget accommodation - book a cheap hotel or hostel OR sign-up and book with Airbnb. If you're not on it yet, click HERE and get 25 US$ credit on your account, I will also get the same amount - you can set-up your own recommendation link too! Why Airbnb? You can find places to stay starting from 10 to 35 US$ per night.

If you want to do the extreme, It's also possible to find a home - mostly couch, for FREE! Sign-up in Couchsurfing. It's relentless amount of work though, sending requests to find hosts that will, eventually accommodate you. It worked for some but not for me.
Nice, France

Go local by trying street food around, it's cheap and great way to experience authentic cuisines of each country. Avoid touristic vicinity, walk a little further out of the popular spots, you will find small family owned joints that offers half-priced menus for exact the same or way better quality of food in ginormous portions.

I was in fact, bewildered by having the most delectable bird in Prague, only to know that it was a duck, I don't even like duck! It was well prepared and seasoned to excellence. I had no clue that there are several possible ways to prepare that bird - now I'm a convert, maybe and only, when I'm in Czech Republic.

Traditional Meal in Prague, Czech Republic

Evade tourist guides and travel agencies - European cities can be explored by your own. Grab a map with detailed tourist information, it's obtainable at the airport. Armed with paper guide - all you need to do is, to plan your day. It is recommended - perhaps a must, to dig a little bit deeper in advance of things to do, historical significance of the place and interesting experiences you want to discover.

BEWARE - In Europe, metro and trains are your best friends but could be your worse enemies too! All can be your ally but make no mistake, being complacent with your stuff can lead to ugly moments. This region is also home to most brutal pick-pockets and shameless scammers. Never entertain anybody approaching you with something - always keep your valuables safe.

Moulin Rouge in Paris, France
Trdelnik is very popular sweet pastry in Czech Republic. A modern version filled with ice cream or other fillings, has been spreading in Prague tourist spots.

Here's the summary of expenses ( In US $)

Return Flights - DUBAI-PRAGUE-DUBAI - 326.00
Accommodation - Airbnb and Hostel - 24.00 Average per night stay - 289.00
Food - 16.00 Average per day - 200.00
Transportation by train, tram and bus - 32.00 Average per day - 385.00
TOTAL - 1,200 US$

Planning Your Itinerary

Check the Europe map and choose up to 7 places to visit. Book trains first then your your accommodation.  Call or contact your hosts or hostel reservation in advance for your arrival arrangements.

I went to Prague, Paris, Monaco, Nice, Menton, Amsterdam and Ventimiglia.  While in Nice, you can go for a day trip to Cannes and Saint Tropez where everyone agrees to be the best spot to view the sunset. Totally missed it!
In front of Casino du Monte Carlo
Let me know if you have questions, please feel free to comment below.