12 Days Europe Challenge for 1,200$ All In 2016

Let the countdown begin! Stoked to finally take on the challenge this year to travel 12 days to Europe from Dubai with a budget of 1,200$ all in. That's no extra bucks (hopefully) including airfare, bed and meals. Excited and looking forward for street food and local drinks each country has to offer.

The reason for this project is rather personal, this is to PROVE, that even you only have 4,500AED, you can in fact go to Europe. This is on the bucket list of my closest family and friends. But it remains unfulfilled due to several excuses - not having enough funds, is the crucial one, difficulty in getting a visa the other..

So far plans are looking good and all schedules are quite attainable. All plane tickets are booked in advance and got the best deal. 505$ to be exact, flying from Dubai Terminal 2 to Prague – Prague to Paris – Paris to Nice – Nice to Amsterdam – Amsterdam to Prague – Prague to Dubai. On the road from Nice to Monaco, Monaco to Switzerland and Italy. I’ll be touring 6 countries and but mostly staying in Prague, Nice and Monaco.

Got places booked in airbnb, and maybe try couchsurfing for the first time. Didn't book in hostels mainly because I want to get hold of true culture of each country and meet locals rather than fellow tourist.

Have you been to those cities? I would love to hear suggestions? Please feel free to drop me a line.