Why It's Difficult for Male to Find Couchsurfing Host?

I know it's a rhetorical question. I'm just curious if some male travelers have the same concern - NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND A HOST.

I'm in Couchsurfing - for as long as I can recall but haven't tried it. Doing 12 days budget travel from Dubai to 7 cities in Europe , I reckon finding host to crash and keep my luggage safe would be ideal. My accommodation for the whole duration of the project is fully funded, so technically it's not desperation. This is solely an attempt to prove if Couchsurfing really works.

First leg of the trip begins in Prague, so I started sending messages to active hosts, predictably most are men and few ladies. Sent a total of 18 requests - 15 males and 3 females. Out of all that, only 2 replied, as I expect - they are out of town. The rests declined and all ladies seemed to be inactive.

Searching for more clues, most male hosts only accept and focus on accepting female guests. I find it almost impossible to get hosted in Couchsurfing, that is contrary to the claims of bloggers, that in fact it works! Some hosts prefer referenced/fellow hosts guests, but that begs the question, how could one get a mention if not been accepted for the first time?

With that, I logged back to  Airbnb, yes it's not free but it's reasonable.

My room in the attic booked in Airbnb for 20$ in Prague
Did you have the same experience, please feel free to comment below.