Our Story


A food and travel blog that evolves as a straightforward guide for budget traveller, providing various alternatives to book flights, hotels and experiences online. Building community that find more ways to make travel affordable and sustainable.

Our Story

It begins as a foodie meetup group for expats in Dubai, together, we discover hidden gems in the city while meeting new friends and learning cultures.

Food Diplomacy - with all the craziness in the world today, humanity needs to be restored. Since eating unites everyone, we thought rekindling it with food is a good start.

After a year of organizing events, we decided to start a platform by creating a blog that continually evolve as a travel and food guide with online services. Now, food walking tours are offered in Dubai and Melbourne.

Our goal is to continue to create relevant opportunities to businesses and individuals but most of all bring people together through food, helping communities and inspiring one foodie at a time.