Dubai Street Food Express

Discover a world of authentic, mouth-watering foods in Dubai designed to suit any budget, appetite and schedules. We cater all tourists and residents with special food focus on cultures and origin of the cuisines. Limited spots every Friday and Saturday only.

About your hosts
We are all keen foodies and travelers, lived in the UAE for over 10 years and counting. Hosted fun food and culture trails in mostly hidden locations of the city. We go for authenticity first after fusion to experience the real taste by origin and history behind the food. Dubai is a perfect example of true melting pot, It's our pleasure to show you how residents from different nationalities embrace their traditions and showcase their food. Let's eat! Shall we?

What we’ll do
We'll meet in a metro station, walk through passages in old Dubai to reach an undisclosed parts of the city. We will sample food along different districts, check some art and cultural installations and will have a fun dinner at the end of the trail. We will ride in a train and local boat passing through vibrant Arabian market beside historical place and museum. Trails within the vicinity will be tailored according to the groups vibe. The main goal is to show you the heart and soul of Dubai's humble beginnings, discover the city's thinking forward perspective, converging food, history and the people.

What else you should know
Inform us if you have any dietary restrictions.
Note: This tour might not be suitable for vegans.
Bring camera for a lot of photo and video opt

What we'll provide
Metro train tickets
Water and juice

What do our guests say

"Our experience with Rafael was truly amazing. We have never been to the country and for the first 2 days of our trip, we were doing the typical “modern touristy things.” We went to the mall, the beach, paid for expensive local food at restaurants. Thankfully, Rafael showed us what we needed to experience in Dubai. He was very warm and welcoming from our first encounter and customized the experience to us. He brought us refreshments to start off our lengthy trip! We rode the Metro to Old Dubai where we indulged in Blossom Tea and Arabic smacks. He then showed us around Old Dubai while talking about the history of it. We enjoyed Indian Chai tea in a hole in a wall place. He surprised us with a boat ride on the Creek to our next destination. The night carried on with overlooking the view of Old Dubai vs the new development area. We went to the city of gold and had our dinner appetizer, Shawarma. We had our main course at a Filipino restaurant where the food was served Kamayan style where we ate with our hands with banana leaves as plates. We ended the night with a round of drinks at Club 7 with great live entertainment. Our last leg of our short trip made our experience in Dubai very memorable thanks to Rafael. He was a great guide and companion during our adventure. Highly recommend! The value of the tour was worth every penny." ~ NATHAN, USA


"Rafa was a fantastic host, such a friendly, interesting and passionate local guide that took me to see fascinating places around Old Dubai that I would not have found on my own. His knowledge and love for the city made this a wonderful tour and even in the swealtering heat he didn't miss a beat. Totally recommend." ~ AMBER - Australia