CIRCLE CAFE in Dubai Mall

Visited Circle Cafe, a contemporary-style café/brasserie in Dubai Mall. What could be more delightful than coming here with Tezz of TheTezzyFiles.Com - a genuine fashionista foodie blogger, who is hard to fault on her craft.

This cozy joint is next to waterfall - it's refreshing approach that tend to make you forget that, you are in fact in the city's gigantic mall. Staff are on point, equally laid back and welcomes you as a friend. Their menu is speckled with different cuisine influence to cater all guests. It's sensible knowing Dubai is home to more than 108 nationalities if not more.

The Mexican salad was so mouth-watering, chopped grilled chicken with a double avocado hit and the whole mixed fresh component, if I could only pick the plate and lick it, I would but that would be weirdly primal. Mains range from Asian, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and all looks intriguing. Thai green curry was beautiful- bold spicy flavor and chock-full of chicken, vegetables and laced with basil. Dessert was a tough choice but the salted caramel popcorn was everything I wanted, a jar full of goodness - lotus sundae.

One would wonder why name a restaurant Circle? It started as a story of two best friends who fell in love - with bagels while visiting New York in the US. Coming back to Dubai, the conceptualization and the inception of the cafe begins.  While it's not the center stage of the spectrum now, as the restaurant continue to evolve, it does still hold a deep meaning to the whole concept of art, tranquil spaces, spending time with family and friends, sharing great simple good food, that revolves, in a CIRCLE OF LIFE. 

Open from 10am till midnight and accepts cake orders for all occasions. Order online through Zomato and get 30% discount. For more information, call +971 4 338 0049 or visit their website at