Is TravelStart UAE a Scam? Let's Find Out...

Came across with this platform when I booked a trip to Australia from Dubai through Sky Scanner , it was only 3,700+ AED all in, way more cheaper compared with other sites. For a flight with 1 stop/1 hour waiting time in Brunei then straight to Melbourne, no one can argue that this isn't the best deal.

Picture from Travel Start Twitter

I thought something's really fishy with this rate. While searching the same route and dates in Brunei airlines, it's 11K AED and I got it for 3.7K AED, thats about 7,300 AED difference! Even with a month period gap it couldn't be that more variance, or maybe it's possible? 

Logged-in to their website and look for an "airline booking reference" and there's nothing, it only shows how much I paid and their own reference. As anybody would carry on, checked their contact details and it only shows a telephone number and an email, no physical office address. Called the number several times, in fact 10 times in a split of every 20 minutes but no one is picking up the phone. Emailed but doubtful if I can get a timely reply.

Trying to find an office address and other telephone number, checked their social media sites. Facebook has the same details but Google + shows a different number + an address too! I thought, this is it! First ring, no answer then second ring, somebody says hello but to my dismay, it's a different company ( sad face )

My last option was to contact them through live chat or message through Facebook. Tried FB first and it worked like a magic! I get a reply within minutes!

Opened my email and there it was, all set and confirmed!  

100%  SATISFIED.  There are some concerns based on the reviews online , for me, it all worked out.

To answer the BIG question, Is it a SCAM?  NO, it's not but caution is highly recommended.

Will I ever book again to this site?

YES, everything was confirmed, no issues on both going and coming back to Dubai.

Here's some snippet of complaints from TRUST PILOT.

Looks like a happy team, hey! from TravelStart Instagram Account
Did you book with TravelStart or have an experience with them, please feel free to comment and share below..