Signs That You Live in Dubai for Too Long

Those first petrifying moments are long gone when you consider these signs as currently normal part of life. As expats in Dubai you can relate to the tussle but at the same time, we can’t deny that this city truly becomes our second home.

1. Friday Brunchin' or Drunchin - Five star hotels around the city has become an institution of brunch fanatics to get really full and pissed by 4pm. As if that's not enough, party continues all night.  This has seriously stole weekly budgets, even if it's not bruncher's just swipe it up! (that powerful plastic card) You know what I mean.
2. Home Deliveries - You become really spoiled and lazy! Want a bottle of water just call the grocery for delivery. Everything can be delivered - breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it..
3. The Nanny Mania - If both parents are working, nanny is your rescue for having kiddos.  Thanks to all nannies who plays a vital part of kids lives, they are much closer to them too!
4. Accommodation Comforts - It's very safe in this city, you don't need to double lock your doors or just leave it open. Airbnb and couchsurfing are welcome in Dubai, often than not guests just find their way to the place while the hosts are still in the office.
5. Bring In the Maids - Some working professionals does not have time to tidy their house, stay-in and or order house help are widely available from all district of the city.
6. Picture, picture! - One can't get enough of picture in Dubai, there's new attractions everytime. Nobody misses the iconic world record breaking and futuristic shot in this city.  This is the future basically.

Photo Credit: Art Cafe in Fahidi District, Dubai

Do you have anything to add, please feel free to add some lists in comment below..