China Sea Restaurant in Deira Dubai, UAE

Situated in Deira near clock tower, this place is quite timeworn though popular among residents and tourists alike.  Claimed to be serving authentic Chinese, quality of food and service does not qualify otherwise. Expect Chinese staff that speaks little English and some does not, but they are all very friendly and welcoming.

Ground floor serves ala carte. Live seafood display and samples of menu that are preserved can be seen on the sides. There are somewhat bizarre sightings, at least for us who don't consider those food as edible.

We opt for buffet service upstairs that includes hot pot, bbq and some Chinese dishes. It was rather cold food and not been refilled instantaneously.  The selection of fresh items for hot pot and bbq was all left overs from a big group dined before us, no top-up either. 

It's probably worth the price coz it's only 14$ USD for everything including drinks.

I'll skip the "recommended" sticker for now on this one :-( but if you ask if we eat a lot, hell yeah! we are paying after all...