What is Boodle Fight? We Tried for the First Time..

BOODLE FIGHT does not connote violence, it is a military jargon in the Philippines for cadets in canteen where all dishes are piled up in banana leaves or in a tray.  As a symbol of unity and equality, everyone eat with bare hands grabbing as much food as they can before it runs out.  It's not a bloody battle at all, it's a clash between group of people against food..

It became popular among Filipino restaurants concept worldwide and UAE is not an exception, we tried it for the first time at The Filipino Kitchen Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Dishes served in this joint are not something that you can't do at home, in fact it is all the usual Filipino favorites.  Nevertheless, this bring the Filipino community together to enjoy their simple and fresh home-cooked meals. I love this experience, we had to wait for not having reservation, however it was all good and worthwhile.

Glad to see some other nationalities in other tables, looks like they are appreciating our humble cuisine and culture.  

Whenever there's occasion in my hometown, I remember eating in banana leaves and or banana branches, it is a usual practice for economic reasons really. Some does not have enough plates for guests and perhaps hosts does not have to wash dishes.

I'm hosting boodle fight in my place here in Dubai soon, wanna come?