Dubai City of Gold

Lived in Dubai for almost five years but just visited the gold market for the first time. My eyes hurt so bad! Whether you are a tourist or a resident, a stroll to this massive area is a must!

Dubai government strictly monitors the quality of all merchandise, so rest assured that all goods are genuine. Make sure you check the weight and calculate bought goods based on the displayed current gold conversion. Shop merchants does not cheat, they are regulated to issue a receipt with grams. Get what you haggled for, prices will not go down based on the actual weight though but it can be bargained with the craftsmanship charge, so don’t expect more discount.

Be extra careful with street vendors, they will offer fake watches and more. They usually approach and undertone should you want a first class imitation goods. If you want to buy, make sure you get a half the price from initially offered. Once you see what you want, bargain for half and just walk away and they will call you back, it always work!
Do people actually wear this in the Middle-East?
You can't find security in this shop, just three merchants. Totally safe!
More gold vest everywhere..
Try to give this to your wife...
Or this...

It might take time for me to go back to this place, letting my sore-eyes heal for now....