Foot Massage in Bangkok Streets, Tremendous Soothing!

Went to backpackers area and had an hour admirable foot massage with a kicker (extra neck and shoulder massage). After walking for hours in Bangkok’s Chinatown, we absolutely felt zillion times better. No ambiance of an interior spa with waterworks and lighting but reclining on the bed-chair took all the tiredness away. Most decent massage places also have rooms for couples, we had share the experience for two different treatments. They offer variety of Thai massages and an interesting fish foot spa ranges from 7 to 15 US dollars, it is about 20 times more expensive when you have it in five star hotels.
Street therapists uses the ancient art of Thai reflexology that refreshes, rejuvenates, detoxifies and purifies your system.
Yes, that's my farmers feet having a luxurious treatment!

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