Experience Ramadan in United Arab Emirates

Ramadan is the time for Muslims to fast. It is intended to educate them into spirituality, humbleness and serenity. For 30 days, they will abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and other physical needs from dawn till sunset.
Ramadan tent at The Palace Downtown Dubai
In Dubai and the whole United Arab Emirates, most hotels will have luxurious Ramadan tents to cater the experience of Iftar (evening meal when Muslims break their fast) and Sohour (pre-dawn meal before starting the fast). If you are fond of Arabic specialties, this is where you want to be. The food on offer is a luxurious mix of Arabic dishes from Lebanese, Turkish and Egyptian cuisines to name a few. Live cooking stations will blow your mind, where the smell of roasting meat from the grill will have you drooling as chefs feverishly roast lamb, beef, fish, prawns and lobster. There are also healthy vegetable selections, biryani dishes are also great alternative.
Dates selections with nuts, chocolate and candied fruits
If you have sugary tooth, the dessert selection has many traditional Arabic specialties. Different dates varieties as well as cakes and known sweets are on offer, in fact there are fountains of pastes in different hotels.
Prices ranges from 60$ to 120$ for Iftar buffet and ala carte for Sohour.
Ramadan tent at the Emirates Palace