Places I Want to See Before I Die

Dessert Safari in Dubai with colleagues
I've always wanted to go places, I have this gut that bothers me not knowing what's on other side, and as a kid I thought the only way to find out is to go there. Growing up from not so well-off family, basic needs is our precedence. I've never imagined  of actually travelling to other countries promising, at least for myself.  Not until I  got a job abroad and got a good one in Saudi Arabia. Since then, I never look back and keep on travelling... 

There are countless destinations that most of us doesn't know they exist. Like all travelers dream, I intend to visit them all.  Completing it would be more self fulfilling than achieving the highest post in the corporate world. However, I have to face the truth that I can't even finish my daily-to-do list, how much more realizing this plan. Will try to keep up on the positive side and let's see how it goes! Life is short and funds might be limited but hey we only live in this world once, we might as well enjoy every second of it before we go to final trip of our lives. 
Taken at Disneyland Hong Kong with this not so little fella and Candice 
This is not in order and might add more as opportunity permits
1.  See you soon enchanting Machu Pichu in Peru
2.  On to the next one, the Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Cambodia
3.  Well spent short break in temples of Kathmandu in Nepal
4.  Marvelous white marble mausoleum Taj Mahal in Agra, India
5. Sail through Venice Canal in Italy
6. What's not to see at Mt. Fuji in Japan
7. See wildlife in Galapagos Island, Ecuador
8. Got Island Fever in Canouan Island, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, missing the vibes!
9. Beach, fish and chips, beer, rum ice cream and more in Barbados
10. St. Lucia made me dance, drink more beer & mojito on the beach
11. Can't handle the waves of Bondi Beach and experience Opera House in Sydney, Australia
12.  Sweet time with my family in Tasmania, Australia
13. No ping-pong balls for me in Bangkok, Thailand
14. Wanna try all exotic food in Vietnam
15. Bizarre food and the Great of Wall of China
16. Shopping and family entertainment? Go to Hong Kong
17. Just wanna see what's in Singapore, it's small but there's a lot to do..
18. See the lions in South Africa
19. Visit the holy places in Israel
20. See Petra, soak in mud and float in dead sea in Jordan
21. Why Everyone Must Visit Georgia, nope not the state in the US, the country!

Where to next?