Are You Brave Enough?

There are many brave people who always wanted to fight and be adventurous.  Some choose to be in the military and others get married…..  The latter choice appears to be the bravest thing a man or woman can do for a lifetime.  I know why, because I made that choice and I am completely convinced that this is the life that I’ve always wanted.

We all desire to have the time of our lives, haven’t we?  When I was younger I’ve been through those stage, party like a rock star and do all sort or wickedly in craze during those years, travel in different places in my country and abroad, it’s amazing having all the time for yourself with good friends around, no pressure and taking it easy plus no further conscientiousness, it's perfect life!  But it wasn’t and there’s more to existence than just roving around.

I’ve come from a very complicated family, this blog post will be boring if I will intricate all of it. Amidst being in a tricky situation, my late parents were exceptional couple, there is no doubt that our welfare are both their priority than anything else, until we loss them when my brothers and I were still young enough to fully figure out and face the world on our own.
We are all different, coming from different family background and up bringing. End of the day when starting our own family, we are all back to basics.  It will be hypocritical of me if I will say that I was entirely prepared when I get married, because I wasn't  it’s more of “we need to” because it was the right thing to do for two people in love and care for each other, and then what? Exactly, that was the big question. 
I went back and work abroad leaving my wife with the intention of be together again after sometime.  I consider myself as young and active, my priority was my career and aspires to make it through to the most competitive cities in the world and so I did.  Time passed, too many terrible things happened (this part is a bombshell, maybe next episode), the separation is just too much to bear,  I realized that my marriage does not make sense at all, what’s the use of being a married man existing and behaving like a single person.  The point is, marriage is a unification that bound to be as one for better or worse, it’s a partnership with no boundaries.  Families are just as dysfunctional as a bankrupt company if not being united physically and if objectives are not cohesive.
Now that I am on the same situation, I can now entirely perceived why some of my friends families back home was totally destroyed by having one parent working abroad. It’s the ultimate price to pay to get hold of superior prospect to make up a better life.  Now that’s were comes “love flies out of the window when poverty knocks on your door” , somehow we have different reasons why we want to go abroad, but I think the most obvious one is economic, even you try hard and fight for it sometimes you gotta do what gotta do, difficult but a decision should be made.
Now that I am back to my senses together with my family here in Dubai, I am so blessed and we will never be separated again, now this is the real life! 
Just to sum up what’s on my mind…Having a family is the most beautiful gift God has given us, are you brave enough to start one?