The Big Tree & Dip Falls in Mawbanna, Tasmania, Australia

If you happen to visit Stanley in Tasmania, pass by to this two nature attractions in Mawbanna. DIP FALLS are a magnificent, two-tiered waterfall, the water of which flows over cubic-basalt columns, formed hundreds of years ago by the cooling of the volcanic rock. After heavy rainfalls the waterfall is most impressive, as water appears to ‘bounce’ from one rock formation to another as it hits the lower tier. A further kilometre from Dip Falls, and a one kilometre walk into the wet eucalypt forest, you will find the home of the BIG TREE. Estimated to be 400 years old, the tree is a ‘eucalypt oblique’, or commonly known as a ‘browntop stringybark’. The Big Tree stands at 62 metres (203 feet) tall today, it is believed to have been up to 90 metres tall at one time.