Vinyl Brunch @ COCKTAIL KITCHEN JLT in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(video shot in Iphone 6S and regular camera)

I had a blast filming and having vinyl brunch with prominent Dubai food bloggers @ Cocktail Kitchen in Armada Blue Bay Hotel.  The location of this restaurant is quite hidden in JLT jungle but it did not disappoint. 
Dubai food bloggers with the Executive Chef of Cocktal Kitchen JLT 

For the past couple of years, mixologists as now referred prior to bartenders, made something easy sipping sweetness and aromatic complexity out of a bourbon based liquor, that trend is on full display and served here.  Though it's not new at all, I find it attention grabbing that tells a story in each table that made me want me to explore them all. ( I have unfortunately missed some but I shall return)  

Easy Friday brunch with no fuss ambiance is certain.  Attentive but not so formal staff got it all right from the beginning and it gets slower as the crowd draws in.

It's easy to have a good time with their shared food selection, from creamy risotto, beef slices, slow cooked lamb and seafood paella. Frankly can't describe it further to specifics like taste, as I am little bit busy with the cameras, but all sure does looks sexy and appealing.

Overall, it was a fun time discovering best restaurant in the city. Thought of recommending it?  Yes, without hesitation. Not because I did not pay a single Dirham coming here but because they know how to create an atmosphere and top notch eating experience out of a not so ideal location. This restaurant is funbloodytastic for group of friends who wants to get really full and pissed. So who says JLT is boring, well not anymore...