Even More Ways to Sleep Free on Your Next Travel

For those who wants to stretch their travel budget to the extreme, there’s a lot more options to find free accommodation aside from mainstream programs online. By doing this you will be able to meet locals, understand, experience how they live and how they connect to us, and of course extend your stay for as long as you want.

1. Couchsurfing, this is the most sought way to get free sleep. Plus, staying in a host home gives you the glimpse of local life. All members are more likely willing to hosts any members, verified or not. 

Couchsurfing might be the most popular option but there are other places that doesn’t require registration approach and actually stay there for a night or more.

2. Airports, check information from Sleeping in the airport, it’s not bad, you get a toilet/bath, wifi and reclining beds in some. There’s a lot of options for food too, however stalls inside are usually way expensive, try to buy food from groceries outside before going in. If you have credit cards, check if it has free benefit to stay in airport lounges. I am using visa lounge access every time, whether I travel alone or with family, this is even more fancy, you can take a shower, sleep, eat and drink whatever you like within the choices offered.

3. Churches, Temples and Monasteries - there are congregations in Europe and US that allows travelers to sleep inside the church for a night or two, you just need to make sure that everything is intact and clean. This place is the safest for rainy days, sometimes they do have fellowship at night and you can experience how they practice their faith too. Temples and monasteries in Asia are very accommodating, in Thailand, Buddhist people welcome travelers, you can teach them English in return.

4. Buses and Train Stations – This option works if the station is actually open 24 hours. In some cases, you can always take a nap while you are waiting or try to kill your time while it’s open. Otherwise not so ideal if you have lots of stuff, it’s too public. When you hop on a train cabin or a big bus coaches for your ride, there you can sleep properly.

5. Police or fire stations - ask them if you could stay in any space available or get directions where you can sleep for free. Officers are friendly to travelers and alike, I experience it first hand in Agra, India when police officers help me out find my hostel.

6. Camping - This might not be so popular having to bring a lot of gear, however this is the surest thing to have an instant accommodation literally anywhere. Parks, public school grounds and even at beaches, you get to hear the waves and welcome by a beautiful sunrise in the morning.

7. Community Centers- Stay and volunteer to help them with their task in certain hours of the day, you will be provided food and bed to sleep in return.  This is a great way to experience charitable causes alike.

8. Home of Locals - Can you knock on any strangers door? At this period, they may find you creepy but why not? LOL.. Some people open their doors to travelers. But here's a sure way to go about on this option, make friends from all over the world. This is absolutely doable, especially for us who work and live here in Dubai, this city is full of expats and activities. Meeting new friends and even building good relationship with everyone is easy. Travelling and staying in their home country is a plus!

 Here's more option that you can search online..

9. Hospitality Club - Brings all people together. Hosts, guests, travelers and locals Free to join and you can interact with members.

10. Global Freeloaders - Also brings all travelers alike together, members provide free accommodation and first hand experience of a local life of hosts.

11. Bewelcome - Multicultural hosts welcomes travelers.  A non-profit program that is maintained by members themselves, become one today.

12. Warnshowers - A community that welcomes touring cyclist.

13. Belodged - Free accommodation worldwide, these are more like couchsurfing concept.

14. Trustroots - Hospitality exchange for hitchhikers and other travellers.

15. Trampolinn -  Swapping homestay program.

16. Nightswapping - Hosts members and earn nights. You can use those nights free at other members places.

17. Trusted House Sitters - You find a house to sit when the owners are away, probably do some chores and your stay is free.

18. House Carers - Same concept of house-sitting.

19. Mind My House - Same concept of house-sitting but sitters pay 20$ as a registration.

20. Luxury House Sitting - Sitting luxury homes for a registration fee of 25$ a year.

21. Workaway - Volunteering program that gives you opportunity to stay with hosts for free in exchange of a particular service or skills needed.

22. Helpx - Lists of members who has organic farms, hostels and other ventures that needs extra help for certain hours per day and exchange of your stay.

23. Woofing - Same with helpx only most of the lists are concentrated on organic farming in selected countries.

24. Find A Crew - Register for free and find a boat hosts to stay.

25. Aupair - There's a lot more websites with this, you can choose depending on your location.  You stay and live with the hosts family.

26. World Packers - Find a place to stay in exchange of your skills.

Do you know some that are not included in this list of have stayed in one of them?  Feel free to comment or share your experience below.