Nosh Restaurant at Movenpick JLT Dubai

Located at the beginning of clusters in JLT, Nosh in Movenpick is a decent alternative for dinner. Different themed buffets are on everyday. Not having Thai for quite some time, we ended up buying Groupon voucher, it was part of the on-going campaign of Thai food and culture promotion.
This Thai beef curry has a slight kick due to that obvious little birds eye chilli
There's quite a spread to choose from, "explosion of flavors" as promised can be mend but all dishes can't be far from authentic. Nearly perfect yet delicious was the all-time-favored pad thai, freshly prepared in a strikingly crafted food cart.
Tiger Beer
Knowing the diverse Thai cuisine is closely related to Indian, Chinese and Ceylonese, to pair it with wine can a bit challenging. With richness in spice and not so shy with chilli dishes, having it tiger beer was just perfect!
The buffet set-up is a bit obdurate with puzzling dining areas. Even with this, the managed to make the space looks roomy.

I was hoping for elaborate Thai desserts but their pastry selections was also impressive. Perhaps, mango sticky rice alone was delightful.

Would keep-up updates on this one, with the price we paid through Groupon, it was in a way all worth it!