Ways to Make Money and Travel the World

Now that you've decided to embark a traveler lifestyle, you have to know some tricks on how to keep going. It is possible to make money wherever you are, you just have to find that right gig that you think you can handle. Having some bucks along the way certainly helps you achieve your travel goals. I did some of the lists and can validate that it is favorable for anybody looking for stable income or extra cash while on travel.

Here it is..

1. Teaching English – this is the most common opportunity for a native speaker, whether you’re certified or not. For those interested that comes from a non-English speaking country, you have to get certified and the good news is, you can do it online with MyTEFL. There’s a lot of opportunities abroad that requires part time and full time English teachers, salary offers are more than enough for you to save, live in a nice apartment and enjoy a sampling the country’s culture.

2. Offer your Services Online - work at your own terms by offering niche specific services. Register for free!  Fivver - Upwork formerly ODesk.

3. Start a Travel Blog or Vlog - I have to admit this is not an easy way, it takes a lot of dedication and time. But if you are absolutely serious, this will give you good amount of money. Interested? Drop me a line, let me help you out.

4. Work in Cruise Ship – this is an advantage if you have hospitality education or background. If you are applying for line staff, minimal experience is required. AllCruiseShipJobs - CruiseShipJob - CruisePlacement - PrincessCruise - Royal Caribbean - Carnival

5. Hotel or Resort Jobs – this is how I get to travel, I started working in a five star hotel in Saudi Arabia for two years contract, I got opportunity in United Arab Emirates, Caribbean and USA afterwards. There’s a lot of vacancies in the Middle-East, particularly in GCC countries ( UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait) it’s a decent place to live and work. Check out this jobsites link – CatererGlobalHozpitalityEHotelier

6. Au pair – this is for younger generations, basically you live with host family in exchange of food and accommodation.

7. Seasonal Working Holidays - Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Singapore are just few countries that requires seasonal workers and gives working holiday visa. This is for young people who are between ages of 18-30. A great deal during vacation time, you got to explore the country while working certain hours and earn extra money at the same time. Here's the full list and details.

8. Sell your stuff – you can do this online or set up a garage sale in your backyard. You’ll be surprise how much you can turn those you consider garbage into cash. Ebay - Amazon

9. Teach anything – other language, how to play instruments, sports, tutor a lesson, act as a consultant, etc.. whatever it is that you are really good at, be creative and offer your services in a local community or abroad.

10. Day trading – this needs a lot of research and studies but if you do it right, sky is the limit as earning potential. You buy or sell stocks within the day.  Learn more...

If there's anything that you'd like to include, please feel free to comment below. There's nothing good as being able to travel and work at the same time. Not only you earn for a living but you also get to experience each country's culture and continue learning in a way other people won't.