Countries That Are Perfect For Budget Travelers from Dubai

Travelling from Dubai is seamless, popular destinations are just few hours fly away. Time and money excuse NO MORE ! Experience these countries with little budget...

1. NEPAL -  Location is perfectly situated between the high wall of the Himalaya and the steamy jungles of the Indian plains. You're be alright with 50 dirhams a day, including food and budget room. Trekking and having a guide would cost you about 50 - 70 dirhams per day. 

2. INDIA - Incredible India's golden triangle is a must on your bucket list, that includes Delhi, Agra ( where Taj Mahal is) and Jaipur.  These trips usually last 7 or 8 days and do the trip as a circuit starting and ending New Delhi.  Prices are from 300-650 USD for the whole trip depending on accommodation.

3. SRI LANKA - Experience sun-kissed beach holidays, breathtaking nature and a marathon of wildlife watching. Food and accommodation are cheap, prices from 200-350 USD for 3 to 4 days stay.

4. GEORGIA - Known as the pearl of Caucasus and balcony of Europe, this country's preserved historical attractions and old history will change your perspective in life, mountains and nature at it's best. Beer and food haven, it's so affordable, you don't want to stop.  From 300 to 600 USD for 4 to 5 days stay.

 5. THAILAND - Too many reasons to visit, from stunning beaches of Phuket and endless things to do in Bangkok and other places, royal palaces, street food, market and massages. Prices from 350 - 650 USD more than enough for 3 to 5 days stay.

6. LAOS - this may not be the highest pick for tourist but it's time that it should be! backwaters nature views are some the best elements of Southeast Asia.  This country offers spectacular landscapes and it's people are a real attraction. From 300 - 400 USD for 3 to 4 days tour.

7. CAMBODIA - this country not only famous for Angkor Wat, (another must place to visit in your bucket list) but it has more. Watch how farmers kept their cultivation in Kampot pepper and taste exotic cuisines the countryside has to offer. Prices from 300-450 USD for a week stay.

8. VIETNAM - Cheap accommodations with dramatic landscape, fascinating history and epic lakes, bays and street food. Prices from 300 - 450 USD for 4 to 5 days tour.

9 . KENYA - Wildlife and Masai Mara villagers are the main the attractions, though there's a lot of safari not leaving Nairobi too. Prices from 450 - 650 USD for 4 to 5 days tour.

10. BULGARIA- blends in itself the remarkable beauty of the warm turquoise sea and the majestic, snow-topped mountains are just few reasons to love this country. Prices from 600 to 800 USD for a week travel.

11. CZECH REPUBLIC - Does a great job in making the history alive, although most of their food are high in calories, it is delightful and cheap. Direct flight from Dubai with their national carrier. From 600 to 800 USD for a week stay.

Did I miss one? please feel free to comment below.  Need tips to one of these destinations?  Let me know...