Try Chicken Avocado Salad @ City Deli - Ibn Battuta Mall

After grocery shopping, my wife suggested that I'll have a salad. City Deli is just in front of Geant so I thought i'll give it a try, I'm glad I did and it did not disappoint.

Photo taken from my Samsung mobile
I had chicken and avocado salad, it was very simple but great! All other fresh quality ingredients on it had a fair amount of flavor and texture. An interesting gourmet crunch where portion is quite generous, in fact one serving is good for two persons, price is absolutely reasonable. I like the way they layer the fruits, there’s granny smith, white and red grapes, pomegranate seeds and orange. A variety of lettuce and rocula leaves gives distinct taste that overall contributes sensational tang. Crisp wall nuts, moist chicken, avocado, haloumi cheese and olive oil dressing, I can’t complain of what I had.

Absolutely much better option for quick healthy lunch or dinner compared to other fast food chains in food court, I saw they've got some range of wrap sandwiches too that I will definitely try next time...