Al Dhafra Restaurant Abu Dhabi, UAE

All year round is a fresh seafood creatures season in UAE.  Going to Al Dhafra in Abu Dhabi is an excellent way to appreciate it.  It's cheaper and more amusing than a typical restaurant.  You choose any seafood you like and their kitchen will prepare according to your liking. We choose to have all our selection grilled, I think that's the best way to go. This Lebanese- Arabian joint surely satisfy our cravings during our staycation in the city.

Huge selection of remarkably fresh crustaceans and fishes are visible upon entering the restaurant. It's a fish market, only way better than the chaotic one we all know.

Umpiring from it's current interior, this is a barasti ( traditional huts made of wood uprights from palms) that has been upgraded with classic Arabic style in grammatical simple constructions.

Dates are part of the table set, it is an Arabic tradition to serve it first before the proper meal. It is common staple that can be found in the Middle-East household.

This little one, can't get enough freshly baked bread.  Perfect to dip in garlic sauce or akawi cheese with olive oil.

My favorite was the grilled sea bream with butter lemon sauce, it was destroyed at an instant before I could take a picture, literally gone is 60 seconds. Prawns and mussels were very tasty with a hint of garlic.  Squid in skewers were just perfect before it could turn into a rubbery texture,impeccably seasoned too.

We live in Dubai, it's quite challenging to fit a visit to the capital not unless I have business to attend to or planned weekend break to spend. Having said that dining in this restaurant should always be part of the plan because it's always worth it!
Open everyday from 3pm to 12midnight. Located beside Abu Dhabi fish market in Al Mina Port. You can call 02 6732288 or 02 6732266 for more...