I Don't Save for Retirement, I Live My Life Now!

I am an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), saving for retirement is not my priority. Recalling from how I was during my beginning years abroad, I just spend all my salary after payroll and borrowed more money compared to what I earn. Ten years later, I still do but I made an alteration in outlaying it differently. Now, I only spend according to my means and make certain that all of my obligations are fully paid. Yes! today I am debt-free. When I think of future, it is solely for my kids, letting them finish college and see them succeed in life. Let’s face it, in our generation today we will only have a very short life span. We carry on hereditary diseases and on top of that we eat way too plentiful processed foods. It’s human nature we want to eat good tasting food, we all know that it is not good for our health, but we eat 'em anyway. Right now I’m 37 years old, I just can't perceive life when we start to get weak and will depend on a stick or wheelchair to get around. Just to be clear, I’m not a dying person now, I’m just being realistic. Only God knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, so hey! why not live a meaningful life today as if it is your last and let the future worry about itself.


After hearing many failure stories about broke OFW’s, we are now somewhat more conscious of our economic conditions. Though if you are working abroad or wherever for more than 10 years and still don’t have a house and lot, emergency fund and full of debt, you're in big trouble and clearly just wasting your time. The good news is, if you have a passion of doing something you love, whatever it is, that could be your asset in order to have an active income in the future.

I don't think there has ever been widespread demand in this topic until today, in fact you can see flooding posts in social media about affordable real estate, multi-level marketing, mutual and stocks investments. This year, I was offered to invest by buying a condominium unit in Makati city. I thought I’ll take the offer because plainly I can afford the 7 years settlement plan. After paying the down payment and first installment, I realize that we could do more with that extra money than investing in a unit that probably we won’t even use in the future. I called it off and wasted almost 70K pesos. Saving money in the bank for comfortable retirement is not an option, trust me you need a microscope to see the earned interests.

As you hear and read in so many news and articles, Philippines is an economic rising star in South East Asia, probably buying mutual funds and stocks seems to be alright, if you know how to take the risk or play safe with peso averaging investments. A good passive income that would probably shoulder your cost of living. But then again, nobody can really predict the future.

It is positive if you are like Mark Zuckerberg, who does not even expect that his life would turn around because of Facebook. However if we keep on struggling on building wealth for a long time, with efforts, full dedication and still thinks that it is not enough. It is pointless, there is so much more in life than that, besides we cannot bring our possessions to our grave.


Previously, I thought there’s nothing wrong with our social security system, until now. I never heard someone say that they are living the dream with their SSS annuity. Despite completing years of contributions, their pensions are still not enough. Often than not, retirees end up receiving less than what they expect. With current increasing inflation rate every year, the value of money is not the same in the coming years. If pandesal is worth 5 pesos today it would be 100 pesos in the coming years, yes prices will increase but not the pension.


One of the primary reason for saving is to comfortably retire, life would be slower though approaching our 60 years onwards, that sounds not comfy at all. Just think of it, while spending your money travelling, or fulfilling your bucket lists on your senior years, how it's going to be. With less strength and dilapidated memory it is not gratifying. We might as well enjoy to travel now with our love ones and have a real treasure building memories that nobody can steal from us.

I strive to work and have an active income and enjoy my life with my family now. Why wait for retirement.