Asiento De Mar Mina in Dubai - A Filipino Seafood Place

If you're running out of options where to dine in Dubai, why not try Asiento De Mar Mina in Karama. This is one of the newest hidden gems of the city, indeed! finding it was quite tricky. This joint reminds me of a typical Filipino home cooked seafood (digging in with my hands) meal with my family. I rate this place at a solid 3 stars with their non-pretentious candid menu, it was fun eating in banana leaves again after a long time. Not only they serve real hot tasty seafood, it’s also friendly in my wallet. Service was spot on, though it’s quite challenging to get the attention of the servers when you need something extra, kind of understandable coz there’s only two of them battling on in a solid packed place (dear owners, hire more staff, thank you). Shame that it is quite far from where we live here in Dubai, as I would not really plan to go there again just to eat. If I’m near the vicinity with other business to do, maybe I’ll swing by.
Must try their crispy calamari!

Let me know if you wanna visit this place, I will give complicated direction, lol! or just check their FACEBOOK page.