Is it Safe to Travel to Thailand Now?

Thailand's military seized control of the government on May 22, 2014.  Our trip was booked a month in advance that made me understandably raise a question if we are going or not. I made a research since we have the same occurrence in the Philippines during Marcos regime and thinking of our own safety while in Bangkok. It turned out to be that is not new to Thailand at all, as this year’s martial law is the 12th since 1932.

Unlike in my country where violence was evident during martial law, it is a peaceful daily life routine in Bangkok, all tourist attractions are still open and fully operational. There was a curfew in place after the coup declaration from 10pm to 5am, it was relaxed from midnight to 4am. However before our trip on the 20th of June, the curfew has been completely lifted. Bangkok is back again to a city that never sleeps.

Being visitors to the country, we have to respect and be aware of their sovereignty. It is advised to avoid criticism of the coup or military, that includes posting on social media channels. Everything might be open for everyone to experience in Thailand but it is also have strict laws barring criticism of its monarchy. Therefore, keep your opinions within yourself and respect their regulations, after all you are there to enjoy, relax and not to stress yourself out with your observations.

There is no clear speculation on when martial law will be lifted, the military rule has not yet revealed a timeline for a return to civilian rule.

As long as we do not intervene on their community disagreement, I say it is still safe to travel to Thailand. We do take pleasure in our recent travel, it is truly a trip of a lifetime. People are so friendly and sincere and I can’t wait to go back.