Beat the Travel Scams in Bangkok, We Did! Sort of....

Taking into account that Bangkok is top destination city by international visitor arrivals in 2013(according to MasterCard Global Destination Index), not looking into common scams before visiting the city was an oversight. It is inevitable to find individuals taking advantage to tourist and Bangkok is not short of it. After all incidents, we still consider that most people are honest and sincere.
Newbie travelers, here’s what I call big 4 to be cautioned with, and YES! we encounter them all.

1. The Taxi Driver Diversion
Expect a chit chat from a friendly taxi driver, instead of heading straight to intended destination, they will offer  a somewhat more appealing proposal, take a boat ride instead in order to see all tourist attractions in one go. The catch, they'll get a share from an overprice rental at your expense.

He brought us to the private boat rental dock, we inquired and decided to decline the offer. The driver was disappointed. When asked to take us to Grand Palace where we intend to go, he was annoyed and refused to give us a ride.

2. Taxi Meter is Broken
When getting in to a taxi and the driver tells you that the meter is broken, it’s because he wants you to pay more than the usual. Better get down and find another one.

3. Ride all you can Tuk-Tuk upto five places for only 30 Baht
Approached by a tuk-tuk driver who offers to take us into different places for only 30 baht, why not? right. Initially, we went to a shrine, then to jewelry shop, we just look around, stepped out and did not purchase anything. He wants to take us to another center and so on. We had enough and told him we want to go back to the city center, he went nuts and dropped us somewhere unfamiliar.  He only took 20 bath and scolded that we had a straightforward deal. The catch is he'll get a cut for anything you purchase from unknown exhibitions and factories that he will bring you to.

4. The Grand Palace is Close
No idea where the entry gate is, we literally look lost. A guy claims  officially working in the area approached us and said the palace is close for an hour. He suggests to go somewhere else by taking a private boat. Luckily that sounds rather familiar. Well guess what? Bangkok’s Grand Palace is always open and even no entry fee during holidays.

We are fortunate to have Bayaning Boyet who showed us our top 9 list to do in Bangkok from the 2nd day onwards, need a guide? Hire him, trust me it’s worth it!

It's a Trap!

Sadly, we didn't get away with this one. Excited to have our picture taken, then a lady showed up approaching us to pay 80 baht. I said what now? She said look below.

If you find something like this in Bangkok, open your eyes and read, there might be a trap somewhere.