15 Days Perfect Holiday!

The trend of our lifestyle changed hastily beyond our imagination. However, vacationing with family is still the most looked forward to activities within the household.  Is there anything great than spending time with our family, wake up every day like Sunday morning, bbq in the backyard, go to the beach, eating out to different cuisines and street food.  
This year, I got 15 vacation days. Dividing my time in five different places was quite frantic but I did it.

It was an incredible experience meeting all of them again after a long time.  Being in fancy places doing fantastic activities is absolutely sounds an ideal vacation, but it’s just not as pleasurable than a time spent catching up with your family and friends, simply talking to them brings back all the memories of the past, both the good and ugly ones. 

There are some people who are proud of my achievements and some disgruntled. End of the day,  It’s all balance and none of us can get what we all want, we can’t please everyone though we aim to, that would be nice but unrealistic. What’s more important to me right now is that I have lived my life, I would never had all the fun stuff if I listened to all negative things spoken about me. I've learned the great pleasure in life, that is doing what people say I can't do.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate to include to ask forgiveness in a holiday blog to all people that had been hurt since I was a kid till now but I’m gonna do it anyway, I am really sorry and I mean it, as much as I hate drama I think it’s exceptionally indispensable, " please don't tell me you can't forgive me, coz nobody's perfect" I hope my apology is accepted… as for me we are all cool!